Daily Program

You, the parents/whanau are welcome at Cool Kids Orewa, your childs early childhood centre, at all times. Make yourselves at home.

Education Programme

During your childs time at Cool Kids Orewa we maintain both a hard copy and online portfolio on his/her progress. These are available for your perusal and your input at any time and become your property when your child leaves us, hopefully for school.

Our teaching team meets regularly to discuss individual children and plan our education programme according to their strengths and interests. Our emergent learning programmes are often displayed in the main rooms.


Cool Kids Orewa offers an exceptional out-of-home setting for your infant. The infant classroom offers a peaceful warm environment that helps ease the transition from home to school. We believe in close communication between parent and teacher is essential in providing individualized and personalized care for your child.


The child at this age should be treated with consistency and sensitivity. The beginning of a cooperative relationship can be laid down. All the child's needs should be met calmly and lovingly. The environment is set up with small child size tables, chairs, shelves and material.


This stage of development is the "conscious phase" of the absorbent mind. The child can become a self directed leaner. This means that with caring handling, the child can come to terms with themselves and the outside world. The child will have a love of order and of work. They will be able to concentrate and show their independence and initiative, be self-disciplined and have joy.

Infant Curriculum

Daily tummy time developing Gross Motor Movement.
Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination with different types of games and activities.
Sensory Skills built with felt books and textures.
Cognitive Skills: Recognizing shapes, colors, sounds and basic number concepts.
Language: One on one interaction, talking to the babies, and reading stories.
Music: Musical movements and rhythm.
A play area designed to encourage free movement.


The key to this period is to create a safe environment so the child can explore freely. Explanations are given so that the child's understanding grows. By the age of three, children have laid down the foundation of their personality as human beings. They learn everything through their senses. They will develop dignity and are guided by their inward teacher. The child is the builder of his or her own mind.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities will be provided by qualified individuals when enough enrollment/interest has been expressed. These programs are offered as a convenience to parents who would like to extend the learning experience of their children – beyond the Cool Kids Orewa academic scope. Separate fees apply. Please check with the school about currently offered programs.

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Cool Kids Orewa is located at 99 Centreway Road, Orewa.